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9 simple ways to attract more buyers and add value to your home !

If you are selling your house now or planning to sell your home soon then you will find the post useful. In order to sell your house as soon as possible, you need to attract many potential buyers to view your house.

Property viewing

1)Remove the Cluttered items outside the unit or along the corridor

Clutter items
Big items placed outside the house

-Too many items along the corridor will make the walkway too cramped, It will put the buyer even before entering the house. Beside that it be a fire hazard to the residents too. Sometimes it might be your neighbors' cloths rack, bicycles or plants, It will good if you tell your neighbors politely to keep inside their house when there is any viewing on the particular day. For those owners with nasty neighbors who are trying to occupy the whole corridor by themselves, Maybe you can give a call/feedback to the HDB/Condo Management.

2) Repaint the house

-Repaint the wall remove the dirty marks or stains on the wall that are very difficult to remove. By changing the wall color also can change the entire outlook of the house. If your home needs a bit of updating, paint can produce a quick rejuvenation for pennies compared to remodeling.

3) Remove the cluttered items inside the house

-Many cluttered items make the house looks messy and smaller. Try to dispose some of unwanted items before showing the buyers. Or packed those small items into the the boxes and stored inside the store room.

Then you will be in a really good position to finish packing when the time comes – and it will be so much less overwhelming. Buyers also get to see the space they are getting, to see how good value it is.

4) Tidy and clean the house before showing to the buyers

-No buyers want to step into the dirty bathroom or walk on stained floor tiles. Spent some times to clean the entire house. Ensure the house in sparking clean before showing to the buyers. The first impression when stepping in the house is very important. A good impression will be lasting to the viewers. The buyers must feel good when they are viewing the house. You certainly do not want to view your house in less than one minute.

5) Use Mirror to create space

- Although this applies mostly to small homes, putting mirrors in narrow areas can make the property look more spacious. The mirror also help to reflect lights and makes the house brighter. This works wonders when put in the living hall.   

6) Fix the small broken items

-Buyers always overestimated the repair cost, they will factoring those repair cost into the offering price. It will be good if you can fix some of small defects by yourself if you know to do it etc lighting.

if not get a handyman to fix it at the lower cost.

7) Turn on the aircon

- I will advise the Sellers to turn on the aircon around 10 minutes before the viewing schedule. it will cool the house and make the buyer feel comfortable, especially in Singapore when the weather is so hot all year round. For those units that have afternoon sun, the wall will even emit the heat after absorb the heat directly from the sun. Your house will be like the oven even at night. When Aircon are switch on, all the window are closed. This also help to reduce the traffic noises if your unit are facing the roads or MRT tracks.

8) Home staging the house

Home staging
Can you see the result ?

-Home staging will be useful if the current unit is vacant. They are some furniture companies renting furniture to home owners for a short term lease. by home staging a house so that they can envision the lifestyle they going to live in that particular house . The chance to get them to pay top dollar for the property with the least bit of hesitation is definitely higher.

9) Take some good photos

-You will be surprise that many listings have really low quality photos when searching for the house. Some buyers filtered away the listings by looking at the photos first. A good picture able to generate more interest from the buyers.

Thanks for reading the post. I am an active property agent writing this based on my personal experience. Do share with your friends with those tips if they are looking to sell their properties.

I hope we can achieve a higher selling price!


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