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Singapore Professional Real Estate Agent

Alex Zheng is a professional property agent in Singapore who has been a part of ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd for 10 years. ERA is one of the largest and leading real estate agencies in Singapore. The company also provides weekly training sessions for all their agents to ensure they are equipped with the most updated information.

Over the course of these 10 years, Alex has assisted numerous clients in achieving their investment properties or finding their matrimonial homes.

He recognizes that the process of buying and selling a home can be highly stressful and complicated. Therefore, he personally guides his clients step by step, ensuring a smooth transaction. It is his passion and positive attitude that have contributed to his success. Given that the property market is constantly changing, he believes that as an agent, it is crucial to have a willingness to learn and stay relevant in the current market.

His professionalism in the property market has resulted in many referrals from satisfied past clients. In the current market, the level of service provided by a property agent is a key factor in differentiating successful agents. Through this website platform, Alex hopes to assist more clients in expanding their property portfolios.

Property Agent
Name: Alex Zheng 
Email :
Senior Marketing Director
Diploma in Financial informatic

What are some of his clients said about him !

"Alex Zheng is a really passionate and helpful agent. He is enthusiastic in coordinating with the seller and assist in all the necessary documentation that were required especially when me and my wife are deployed overseas for work and unable to personally  handle the procedure. He provided an one stop service for me from recommending reliable legal advisors to banker for my housing loan. My buying experience was hassle free and expeditious due to his diligence and hard work. "

-Buyer Enson

"Alex Zheng is a friendly agent and got good contacts for rental and sales. He is responsive and flexible in assisting me each time. I will not hesitate to use him as an agent again."

Landlord Joleen

"I have engaged Alex Zheng to sell my  flat in Woodlands after my previous agent tried for 2 months without any viewing. I decide to look for Alex. Once Alex took over the listing, he assured me that he will try his best. Despite the current market sentiment, he still conducting weekly appointment for my house and I managed to secure the potential buyer for my unit within the exclusive period. I will highly recommend Alex to my friends and relatives if they want to buy/sell their properties. I am very satisfied with the whole selling process. Good Job Alex ! Keep it up!"

Seller Mr Zhuo

Singapore Rental

Tips for finding the right agents to market your property 

Make sure the agent is a CEA registered agent 

Only Council for Estate Agencies CEA)  registered agents are allowed to conduct real estate works in Singapore, therefore without valid license,  they are not allowed to carry estate works.

Public can check whether the agents they engaged by keying the agents' information through CEA website or CEA mobile app.

Are they full time or part time as property agents ?

Always try to engage full time agents to market your property because they have more time and able to pick up the call or arrange the appointment schedule during the office hours

Full time agents might be more committed because their incomes are depend on the deals they have closed. They need to put in more efforts and focus in their sales. 

Make sure the agents are knowledgeable and experienced 

Sometimes selling properties can be tedious, I believed engaging a professional agent can save you from all those headaches. We can advice the clients how to plan their timeline, what is latest transacted price in the surrounding 

and what are latest policy and market condition.

Marketing Plan
Offline and Online marketing method
It is very important to advertise your properties through different platforms. I don't shortchange my client's property exposure. Be it offline or Online. I will cater the best marketing strategy to suit on different types of properties. Let me show you how to attract more genuine buyers to view your house and sell your house within the shortest time and the highest price.

Home Staging the unit before selling ! 

How we can help you to achieve higher selling price within a shorter time ! $10,000~ $20,000 higher

When I proposed the home staging ideas to some of my clients, Most of them feel it is not necessary to waste additional cost and effort to rent the furniture just to decorate their units. But they are often convinced by the effect and result after the home staging. It is not just about putting the furniture, We are trying to create a right environment and polished look to the unit. Choosing the right furniture will appeal to the potential buyers, the chance of buyer offering a higher selling

Photo 26-9-18, 3 38 10 PM.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2018-11-12 at 4.14.41 PM

Home Staging 

Are you facing the following situation right now ?
❎ Few Appointment/No appointment 
❎ Low ball offer from non-sincere buyers
❎ BTO key is coming soon
❎ Intend to upgrade/downgrade your current house

Don't worry! I am here to add value to my clients !

✅ I help to increase your property selling price at least $10k -$20k 
✅ Increase your property through multiple platform with high exposure  
✅ Selling the property within the shorter timeframe

Are you ready ?!
If your answer is YES , I will be showing you in person how I can achieve the best result for you !


Call/SMS 92736096 Or sign up at the below for a non-obligatory discussion

Thanks! Message sent.

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